Soal Reading Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) Gasal XII SMA/SMK Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris



In this section of the test, you will have a chance to show how well you understand written English. There are four parts to this section, with special direction to each part.

Questions number 16-18 refer to the following instruction.

First, the empty yogurt cups are brought to the filling line by an automatic conveyor. Then the cups are filled automatically. Next the cups are sealed. After that, the sealed cups are pocked in boxes by hand. The boxes are then placed on the pallets. Next, the pallets are wrapped and taken to dispatch. 

16. The main idea of the text is ….

A. The machines of good production

B. The instrument of automatic machine

C. The process of food filling

D. The material of yogurt

17. Where the cups are packed after sealing?

A. In the filling line

B. At the conveyor

C. In the boxes

D. On the pallets

18. How is the process of the production done?

A. It is mostly run by machine

B. It is automatically processed by employees

C. It is complicated in packing the sealed cups

D. There is an inefficient process of the production

Questions 19 to 21 refer to the following business letter


International Trader

Sukoharjo 23-24 Sukoharjo-Central Java Indonesia


Sukoharjo, March 1st 2015

The Export Manager

Mrs. MelatiKusuma

76 Adam Road



Dear Madam,

We proudly present our large expanding trader company in Indonesia. We are interested in purchasing new era of digital camera you displayed at Singapore Trading Expo. The demand of new era of digital camera especially the one with underwater snap is really high in our country.


We wonder whether you could send us your latest catalogue, price list, F.O.B export, term of payment within these two weeks since you receive our order. We would also like to know if you could give us any interesting offering due to the price.


We look forward in receiving your reply.


Yours faithfully,




Import Manager

19. Why did the sender write this letter?
A. Offered their latest product.
B. Advertised their new product.
C. Introduce their new product.
D. Requested the catalogue product to other company

20. Which is not true due to the statements of what the sender wants to know?
A. The company profile
B. The latest catalogue
C. The price list
D. The discount for purchasing

21. ”We are interested I purchasing new era of digital camera …”
What’s the synonym of the underlined word? 
A. selling
B. ordering
C. giving
D. advertising

Questions number 22-24 refer to the following description.

Google Inc. is an America public corporation specializing in the internet search. It also generates profits from advertising bought on its similarly free-to-user, e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking and video-sharing service. Advert-free version is available via paid subscription. Google has more recently developed an open source web browser and mobile phone operating system. Its headquarters, often referred to as the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. As of March 31, 2009, the company had 19,789 full-time employees. It runs thousands of server across the world, processing millions of search requests each day and about one peta byte of user-generated data each hour.

22. What is the text about?
A. Social Networking
B. Advert-free version
C. The Google overview
D. The American public corporation

23. It also generates profits …” (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word refers to ….
A. Social networking
B. The internet search
C. Google Inc.
D. Online mapping

24. ”Google Inc. an America public corporation specializing in the internet search”.
The synonym of the underlined word is ….
A. look at
B. look for
C. take
D. find

Question 25 to 27 based on the following text.

In 1949, when I was 13, my family managed to escape China, and a year later, we made our way to New York City. My first years in America were spent on learning and trying to get by in school. But by my senior year, I was near the top of the class.

            Still, I was nervous as I looked for work that summer. I had never been interviewed for a job. But my father was out of work, and I had to help support the family. I looked through the want ads every morning and was called to arrange appointment. Finally, I found a job on the assembly-line at the Swing line, Inc. Staplers factory in Long Island City (in New York city). Placing little red top on tiny staplers was boring, but it was great to earn $40 a week.

            The most important job I ever held was my first job on an assembly-line. The minimum wage may not have been glamorous, but it gave me independence and enabled me to help the family.

25. When did the writer and his family make their way to New York City?
A. In 1950
B. In 1977
C. When he was 13 years old
D. When he was 40 years old

26. What is the main topic of paragraph 2?
A. The writer’s first job.
B. The writer’s first interview.
C. The writer’s father.
D. The writer’s most important job.

27. ”… but it gave me independence and enabled …”(paragraph 3)
The underlined word refers to ….
A. assembly-line
B. first work
C. glamorous
D. minimum wage

Question 28 to 29 based on the following instruction.

Create another Yahoo e-mail


·         Open the Yahoo login page and sign in at your account. Click on the “option” link and select” More Options”.

·         Now click on the “Account” link on the left and then the ”add or edit an account” link. At the bottom of the page you shall see a ”Get Started” link-Click on it.

·         Enter a new ID in the blank text field on the left side or select from one listed on the right. If you choose the former path, you would need to check. its availability as with any new email address. Assuming you found one to use, click” Continue” to proceed.

·         Now enter the wavy security text and you are done! Congratulations! You have successfully been able to get a second Yahoo email address. But remember, the two accounts-the new one and the old-are interlinked. People can now send you messages at either of the two Yahoo email address.

28. What will happen if you enter the wavy security text?
A. A new account has been created
B. It will proceed to the next level
C. It’s fail to create a new Yahoo E-mail
D. There will appear list on the right side

29. “… choose the former path …”
The underlined word is closest meaning to ….
A. preceding
B. proceed
C. after
D. later

Questions 30 – 41
Directions: Items 30 – 41 are incompletes dialogues. Four sentences marked A, B, C and D are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the sentence or phrase that best completes dialogues.

30. Teacher : Is Risma present today?
Candra : No, Sir. Yesterday he was present, but he looked pale ….
A. He must be fine
B. He might be sick
C. He may be all right
D. He is studying English

31. Room boy : Excuse me. May I enter this room?
The guest : Yes, please. Don’t forget ….
Room boy : Sure, Madam.
A. to bring my luggage
B. having lunch
C. Going to the receptionist
D. To send someone

32. Sinung : Should I finish the contract with Mr. Anwar or I make the new one?
Andika : You should finish it first, and then ….
Sinung : Well, but I have some problems with him.
Andika : Forget it, please.
A. You’ll get the new one
B. You may finish another one
C. You can make the new one
D. You’ll be allowed to finish it

33. Fendi : What does your mother usually do every morning?
Lutfi : ….
A. She always drives my youngest brother to school.
B. She sometimes drives her own car
C. She usually needs someone’s help
D. She likes to do it

34. Thomas : Excuse me. … on May 15 and 16.Is it available?
Receptionist : I’m sorry, Sir. I’m afraid our hotel is fully booked at the time.
A. I’d like to book a ticket.
B. I’d like to reserve a room.
C. I need to order a birthday cake
D. I need to confirm about my reservation

35. Anisa : You look so pale! What’s wrong with you?
Octa : I think I have a headache.
Anisa : ….
A. That’s good idea
B. Don’t get angry
C. I don’t feel it’s real
D. Take some medicine then

36. Farah : What would you do if you had a big and luxurious house in Green Garden?
Ainul : ….
Farah : Wow, thanks.
A. If I am rich, I would invite you every week.
B. If I were rich, I would invite you to my house.
C. If I were him, I will invite you next year.
D. If he were rich, he would invite you.

37. Mr. Baskoro : I’m having an appointment with the marketing for discussing our product on 
Receptionist : On Monday? I’m afraid ….
A. He’ll visit our new branch office in London.
B. He’ll be in Barkley next year.
C. He won’t be busy tomorrow.
D. He will come on time.

38. Ruslan : I think, children … by their parents when watching television. Some program often 
broadcast violence which may cause bad effects for a child’s personality.
Dana : Yes, I absolutely agree with you.
A. can accompany
B. will accompany
C. should be accompanied
D. must been accompanied

39. Fitri : Excuse me May I see Mr. Gunawan?
Secretary : I’m sorry, Madam. He … a client at present.
A. have been talking
B. can be talking
C. was visiting
D. is talking to

40. Yuli : Can you help me with report?
Ana : Ok. … after lunch.
A. I might do it
B. I’ve already finished it
C. We had a meeting to report
D. I’ve something to do

41. Arjun : I believe that Andri is in the library!
Akbar : How do you know?
Arjun : … He comes there every day.
A. He likes reading books
B. His interest is about arts
C. His hobby is playing football
D. He prefers watching to shopping

Questions 42 – 50
Directions: In this parts the test, there are some selected reading materials in which some words or phrases or the sentences are missing. You have to choose the word or phrase marked A, B, C or D that best completes the missing ones. 

Number 42-44 refer to the following letter.

February 26th, 2015

Personnel Manager


Adisucipto Street No. 190, Solo


Dear sir,

I’d like to apply for the position of a secretary mentioned in your advertisement in yesterday’s edition of Solopos newspaper. Let me show and give you my personal data to fulfill the requirements needed.

I (42) … from vocational high school two years ago. I’m nineteen years old, and I can both speak and write English well. I am (43) …, so I can cooperate well with people.

If you need more information about my character and ability, or you wish me to come for an interview, you may contact me directly on my personal reference.

I’m waiting (44) … your reply soon. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,




42. A. graduated
B. finished
C. stopped
D. passed

43. A. genius
B. diligent
C. sociable
D. ambitious

44. A. in
B. for
C. on
D. at

Number 45-47 refer to the following announcement.

Westlake public school is (45) … application for nonresident students through the Pittsburg School-Choice Program. The program allows parents to send their children (46) … to schools in other communities. Tuition is paid by the sending district to the receiving district.

Openings are available at all grades with final site numbers to be determined on Dec 30th.If the number of applications exceeds available space, assignments will be determined by lottery to be held (47) … January 1st.

Interested parents can send an application letter to Dr. Elliot Gerald, Superintendent, Westlake Public Schools, 34 North Road, Westlake, Ohio.

45. A. accept
B. accepts
C. accepting
D. accepted

46. A. direct
B. directly
C. directed
D. director

47. A. on
B. at
C. in
D. of

Number 48- 50 refer to the following advertisement.



Glamour Handbags (48) … great products at extra low prices. We offer you a 30-70% off department store price.

Elise: These bags may be last year’s style or color. Elise bags are generally our best quality bags.

Overstock: Sometimes (49) … bag manufacturer just makes too many bags a certain style or size and must reduce its inventory. We buy this overstock.

Factory Second: These bags (50) … some small manufacturing problems or irregularities which do not affect the look, fit, or performance of the bags. You probably won’t even notice the problems!

48. A. protects
B. stops
C. receives
D. sells

49. A. an
B. a
C. some
D. any

50. A. have
B. has
C. had
D. has been




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