Soal Reading Incomplete Dialogue Ujian Nasional SMK

1. Ayu: Where should we go?
    Dira: ... . There's a beautiful lake to swim.
     A. How about the National Park?
     B. I agree with you go to there.
     C. I am going to the national Park.
     D. We want to go there.
Ayu meminta saran (kemana seharusnya kita pergi?)
Dira seharusnya menyarankan (how about the National Park, yang berarti bagaimana kalau ke taman nasional?) selanjutnya ada penjelasan bahwa there's a beautiful lake to swim, yang berarti ada danau indah untuk berenang.
Kisi-kisi: memberi saran (giving suggestion)
Jawaban: A

2. Yopie: ... Don't you think?
    Tanta: Well, in my opinion, I would rather go to a modern shopping center.
    A. Can we go to somewhere else?
    B. This place is very boring.
    C. It's a pity that the parking area is limited.
    D. It is the best traditional market I've ever visited.
Yopie: ... tidakkah kau setuju?
Tanta: menurut pendapatku, aku akan lebih suka pergi ke pusat belanja modern.
Jadi isian yang tepat adalah: It is the best traditional market I've ever visited (Ini adalah pasar tradisional terbaik yang pernah aku kunjungi.)
Kisi-Kisi: Memberi pendapat (giving opinion).
Jawaban: D

3. Yazid: Good morning, Ma'am. Please have a seat. ...
    Mrs. Kiki: This is my first trip to Bali. Where is the best place to enjoy the sunset?
    A. you really need my help.
    B. May I help you?
    C. I have gotten the prize.
    D. I will get a free tour to Lombok.
Yazid: Selamat pagi, Bu. Silahkan duduk ...
isian yang tepat adalah: May I help you? (Bisakah aku menolong mu?)
Kisi-Kisi: Offering help (menawarkan bantuan)
Jawaban: B

4. Joko: How much does this bag cost?
    Surya: It's Rp 250. 000, 00.
    Joko: ...
    Surya: I am afraid not. This is the best quality we have.
    Joko: Rp 200.000,00. That's my last offer.
    A. I'm not sure.
    B. I'll give you Rp 175.000,00
    C. It can't be.
    D. How about the other bag with red colour?
Dialog diatas tentang tawar menawar harga tas. Joko menawar harga tas sebesar 250.000
Jawaban: B.

5. Donita: My mother will be here in a minute. Would you like a cold drink?
    Mrs. Sherly: I would like a cup of coffee, thank you very much.
    Donita: Very well. How do you take it?
    Mrs. Sherly: ....
    A. I'd love too.
    B. I will take away.
    C. Black with no sugar, please.
    D. Thank you very much.
Donita menawarkan Sherly kopi. Donita minta penjelasan lebih lanjut, "Kopinya yang gimana?"
Sherly seharusnya menjawab "Kopi hitam tanpa gula" (Black with no sugar, please).
Kisi-Kisi= Offering (penawaran) .
Jawaban: C

6. Rara: Wow! It looks like a herd of buffaloes has passed through this room. You will take ages to get this place in shape. But, don't worry, ...
    Rani: Really? Thank you very much. We will need all day to clear all the mess.
    A. We need someone to clean up this room.
    B. Worrying will not help at all.
    C. I will help you clean it up.
    D. We can go now.
Pembahasan: Rara terkejut melihat kamarnya Rani berantakan, Rara menawarkan bantuan dengan bilang "I will help you clean it up."
Kisi-Kisi: Offering help. (menawarkan bantuan)
Jawaban: C

7. Ajeng: Oh my, the ants are crawling all over my lunchbox!
    Sari: ...
    Ajeng: Yes, that was a stupid thing to do.
    A. You should not have left it on the ground.
    B. I hate it.
    C. It is disgusting.
    D. I will buy something later.
Jawaban: A
semutnya nggremet di kotak makan, kemudian Sari bilang "kamu seharusnya tidak meninggalkan kotak itu di bawah".
Jawaban: A

8.Wildan: It is a brilliant idea that the government prohibits smoking in public places.=ide yang bagus kalau pemerintah melarang merokok di tempat umum)
    Tasya: ... .It's awful sitting next to someone smoking= ...rasanya ngga nyaman duduk di samping seseorang yg merokok.
    A. I disagree = saya setuju
    B. I don't think so =saya ngga setuju
    C. That's really true = itu benar (setuju)
    D. Probably not = mungkin saja tidak (tidak setuju)
Jawaban: C

9. Wildan: It is a brilliant idea that the government prohibits smoking in public places.
    Tasya: ... . It's awful sitting next to someone smoking.
    A. I disagree
    B. I don't think so
    C. That's really true
    D. Probably not

10. Bobby: What is your plan on the next school vacation? = Apa rencanamu pada liburan yang akan datang?
     Jeni: ... . My uncle is there.= ... pamanku ada di sana.
     A. I am going to Palangkaraya = aku akan ke Palangkaraya
     B. I have been in Toraja = aku telah berada di Toraja
     C. I was in Bromo last week = aku berada di Bromo minggu lalu
     D. I went to Surabaya with my brother = aku pergi ke Surabaya dengan saudara laki ku.
Jawaban: A

11. Erika: Where have you been Toni? We were looking for you last night.
     Toni: Sorry. I was at Hill Hotel. ...
     A. I attended a seminar about marketing strategies.
     B. I decided to make it happen as soon as possible.
     C. I plan to satisfy the people with a program.
     D. I'm going to tell you about the rate of the hotel.
Jawaban: A.
Kisi-Kisi: Simple Past Tense

12. Dinda: What a day! It's terribly hot! (Hari yang panas)
     Karen: ...
     Dinda: That sounds refreshing. Thank you! (Kedengaranya menyegarkan. Terima kasih)
     A. Can I give you some suggestions? =Bisakah aku ngasih kamu saran?
     B. Do you want some cakes?=Apakah kamu mau roti?
     C. how about a hot coffee? = bagaimana kalau minum kopi?
     D. Would you like some mineral water? = Apakah kamu suka air mineral?
Jawaban: D
Kisi-Kisi: Offering. (penawaran)

13. Brian: What time is the rock concert tomorrow?
     Melo: 8 p. m. If we get there early, ...
     Brian: I agree with you. I'll pick you up at 5.
     A. we would sit on the balcony.
     B. we wouldn't miss a thing.
     C. we'll reserve a ticker for a concert.
     D. we'll be in front of the stage.
Jawaban: D.
Kisi-Kisi: Conditional Clause Type 1.
14. Student: Good morning, sir. ... They are quite heavy to carry.
     Teacher: I know I can count on you. Thanks.
     Student: You are welcome, Sir.
     A. Can I help you stack the books?
     B. Let me carry your laptop and books.
     C. Let me help you cross the road.
     D. Why don't you ask the students to collect them?
Jawaban: B
Kisi-Kisi= Offering help (Menawarkan bantuan)

15. Mia: Maybe we could all go out for dinner tonight. ...
     Tio: Great idea! We've planned it several times ever since we moved here.
     A. What about steak 99 next to the Brix?
     B. What about going to the office?
     C. Why don't we eat together at home?
     D. Should we order the food right now?
Jawaban: A
Kisi-Kisi: Giving offer (menawarkan)

16. Judy: This book told me the way to reprogram my mind into a better one.
     Anna: Wow, that's great! ...
     Judy: No problem. But no more than two days, okay? I haven't finished reading it.
     A. Could I buy the book at Grandbook?
     B. Could you tell me the lessons you learned?
     C. Do you think I could borrow it?
     D. Will you tell me the content of the book?
Jawaban: C

17. Dinda: It's midnight and I am trying to sleep.
      Koko: I'm sorry. Do you think the volume of the radio is too loud ... ?
      Dinda: Thanks. You are so kind.
      A. could you turn your stereo down
      B. would you turn your radio up
      C. would you please speak louder
      D. would you like me to turn it down once
Jawaban: D
Giving offer (menawarkan)

18. Dhika: We must support Rio Haryanto to be the winner of the formula one.
      Fatur: ... He is the best racer in Indonesia.
      A. I am against you.= tidak setuju
      B. I couldn't agree more.=setuju
      C. I don't agree with you.=tidak setuju
      D. I am not sure you're right about that. =tidak setuju
Jawaban: B

19. Bianca: According to me, euthanasia should be banned for everyone.
      Dilla: ... euthanasia may be helpful for some people.
      A. I am on your side= setuju
      B. I think you are right= setuju
      C. I couldn't agree more= setuju
      D. I am not sure you're right about that =tidak setuju
Jawaban: D

20. Ega: I am looking for some shirts with Marvel's characters on it.
      Seller: I'm sorry, ...
      A. Marvel was the nicest superhero.
      B. They were sold out.
      C. They were on sale.
      D. We bought them.
Jawaban: B
sold out berarti terjual (passive voice, past tense)

21. Martin: Did you know there was an earthquake last Saturday?
      Ken: No. I didn't notice that, I was sleeping.
      Martin: ... when suddenly everything shook.
      A. I have been walking around
      B. I will go to mini market
      C. I was reading a novel
      D. I am not at home
Jawaban: C
Past continuous tense

22. Bella: I think we should come more early for a job interview?
      Erma: ... because the interviewer will disqualify our job application.
      A. I disagree about it = tidak setuju
      B. I wouldn't say that =tidak setuju
      C. I couldn't agree more = setuju
      D. I don't think so =tidak setuju
Jawaban: C

23. Kintas: Why didn't you take your motorcycle yesterday...?
      Bayu: Right. My father took it. His was broken.
      A. Is it sold?
      B. Has it been washed?
      C. Is it being repaired?
      D. Was it borrowed?
Jawaban: D
Passive voice , past tense

24. Riqsa: Why do you go to school by public transport? Where is your motorcycle?
      Andri: It broke down yesterday. ... in the workshop near my house
      A. It is being repaired
      B. I will buy a new one
      C. My mother doesn't like my motorcycle
      D. The mechanic who repairs my motorcycle graduated from SMK
Jawaban: A
Passive voice, present continuous tense

25. Arjuna: I think we should charter the bus for our trip this week.
      Ega: ... because many schools will charter the bus for their students during the school holiday.
      A. I agree with you= saya setuju
      B. I don't think so=saya ngga setuju
      C. I think that's not good idea=saya ngga setuju
      D. That's not right=tidak setuju
Jawaban: A

26. Septian: Did you read the headline of today's newspaper?
      Ayu: ... I was only interested in the entertainment section.
      A. I read it yesterday.
      B. I didn't read the front page.
      C. Yes, I saw it this morning.
      D. No, I didn't see him.
Jawaban: B.
Negative, simple past tense

27. Donah: What do you plan for your future?
      George: ... I want to be a math teacher. I love mathematics very much.
      A. I am going to college.= saya akan kuliah
      B. I will get a job.=saya akan mencari kerja
      C. I am working in a hotel.=saya sedang bekerja di hotel
      D. I will visit my grandmother.=aku akan mengunjungi nenekku
Jawaban: A

28. Dama: Your bag looks very heavy. ... ?
      Yanti: Sure. It's very kind of you. Thank you, Dama.
      A. Would you like me to help you
      B. Would you like to help me
      C. Let me help you carry that
      D. Do you mind if you bring it yourself
jawaban: C
Offering help (nawari bantuan ngangkat tas)

29. Nuri: I have gotten a problem, Fajar. I boorowed Anggit's motorcycle and I broke the spies.
      Fajar: ... , I would change them with the new ones. We must be responsible.
      A. If I have a motorcycle
      B. If the motorcycle is new
      C. If I were you
      D. If I met him
Jawaban: C
conditional clause, type 2

30. Indra: Did you watch television last night?
      Putra: No. ...
      A. I had a meeting.
      B. We liked watching news.
      C. I am out with my friend.
      D. The film was interesting.
Jawaban: A
Simple past tense

31. Anisa: Tell me about Reza's wedding. ... ?
      Windi: It will be in the next two weeks.
      A. When was the test conducted
      B. When is the party going to be held
      C. Are you going to see the concert tonight
      D. Will the meeting be opened soon
Jawaban: B

32. Andrian: There is a problem with this camera. It doesn't work. ... ?
      Hadi: I am not sure I can fix it. Let's find a repair shop.
      A. Do you know how to use it
      B. Would you mind checking it out
      C. Can you take some pictures for me
      D. Will you show me the instruction
Jawaban: B
(asking for help/ minta bantuan)

33. Hanna: I really want to continue my study, but my parents can't afford it.
      Saffa: What will you do then?
      Hanna: ...
      A. If I had a good chance, I would try it.
      B. If I get a scholarship, I will enter the college.
      C. If my parents permit me, I will enter the university.
      D. If I studied hard, I could pass the examination.
Jawaban: B
conditional clause, type 1.

34. Farida: ... some steak for lunch?
      Diah: No, thanks. I don't eat meat.
      A. Would you like
      B. Do you want me to eat
      C. Do you have
      D. Would you bring me
Jawaban: A
giving offer (ngasih penawaran)

35. Waiter: Welcome to Nusantara. ... ?
      Anna: Yes, orange squash with little sugar, please.
      A. Would you just pay it in cash
      B. Do you need something to eat
      C. How would you like your steak
      D. Would you like something to drink
Jawaban: D
giving offer (ngasih tawaran )

36. Anton: What's the best way to learn to speak English?
      Ferry: ... It's faster and more applicable than just taking regular English course.
      A. Why don't you practice a lot?
      B. Let's try to do a lot of exercises
      C. You'd better go to the origin countries of the language
      D. How about learning new vocabulary from dictionary?
Jawaban: C
giving suggestion (ngasih saran)

37. Dian: I need to rearrange these books. ...?
      Budi: Of course not. Where would you like to put them?
      A. What do you want me to do
      B. Do you want to buy some
      C. Do you mind helping me=apakah kamu keberatan menolongku
      D. Could you help me=bisakah kau membantuku
Jawaban: C

38. Mother: Where shall we go this holiday?
      Daughter: I'd like to go to New York, mom. But it's really expensive.
      Mother: If we go there, ... How about going to Bali?
      A. we would be able to visit many places.
      B. we can't stay there more than 3 days.
      C. we won't spend a lot of money.
      D. we could stay at a five star hotel.
Jawaban: B
conditional clause, type 1

39. Teacher: What is your plan for this coming year?
      Student: ..., Sir.
      Teacher: Then, you must work hard and prepare yourself right away.
       A. I'm thinking about getting job.
       B. I'm confused what I'll do.
       C. I'll visit my grandmother.
       D. I'll prepare it next year.
Jawaban: A

40. Mr. White: Why did you come late for the meeting yesterday?
      Peter: ... because I left some tasks there.
      A. I had a flat tire
      B. I had to go back home
      C. I'll go to the police station
      D. I'm typing new documents
Jawaban: B
simple past tense

41.James: Why didn't you answer my call?
     Peter: Sorry. ...
     A. I was feeding my cattle.
     B. I have fed my cattle.
     C. I'll fed my cattle.
     D. I had fed my cattle.
jawaban: A
past continuous tense

42. Jihan: You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. Where were you?
      Andan: ...  a place to park.
      A. I am looking for
      B. I looked for
      C. I have looked for
      D. I was looking for
jawaban: D
past continuous tense

43. Nuki: What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
      Rendra: ... . Her cooking is so delicious.
      A. She cooks in the kitchen
      B. She is cooking in the kitchen
      C. She were cooking in the kitchen
      D. She was cooking in the kitchen
jawaban: D
past continuous tense

44. Nindi: When did you get this cassete?
      Lia: Yesterday. When ..., a boy asked me to give it to you.
      A. I walk home
      B. I walked home
      C. I was walking  home
      D. I have been walking home
jawaban: C
past continuous tense

45. Alda: Can I borrow your laptop?
      Dita: Certainly, but what's wrong with yours?
      Alda: ... .
      A. It is being repaired now.
      B. It repaired.
      C. It is repairing now.
      D. It was repaired now.
jawaban : A
passive voice, present continuous tense

46. Johan: This is a very old building.
      Agnes: I wasn't even born yet when ... .
      A. it is built
      B. it is being built
      C. it was built
      D. it has been built
jawaban: C
passive voice, simple past tense

47. Laila: Why does the baby next door keep crying?
      Farhan: As usual, ... .
      A. the baby is neglecting by the babysitter.
      B. the baby is neglected by the babysitter.
      C. the baby was neglected by the babysitter.
      D. the baby neglects the babysitter.
jawaban: B
passive voice, simple past tense

48. Supervisor: Have you delivered the package to customers?
      Employee: Not yet. ... .
      A. some are still being wrapped
      B. some have been wrapped
      C. were wrapped
      D. will be wrapped
jawaban: A
passive voice, present continuous tense

49. Farah: Hi Sam, do you think I could use your cellphone for a moment?
      Sam: ... . Here you go.
      Farah: Thanks buddy. It will only be a minute or two.
      A. Please don't feel free.
      B. Who are you calling?
      C. I'm sorry you can't.
      D. You should buy it.
jawaban: A

50. Andi: Anna, may I ask you a question?
      Anna: ... . I am not busy now.
      A. Sure
      B. Oh, never mind
      C. No, you may not
      D. I am sorry, I can't
jawaban: A
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