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This text is for questions 1 to 3.
With many advances in transportation and information technology, even the most remote places on our earth are within reach of travelers. In fact, tourism is now the world's largest industry, with nature tourism representing the fastest growing segment. People express their desires to experience nature and the world, but should make every attempt to do so in a way that does not negatively impact the natural environment.

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) defines ecotourism as, "Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conversation, have a low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local people."

Most tourism in natural areas today does not fall under the category of ecotourism and is not, therefore, sustainable. Ecotourism is set apart by its emphasis on conversation, education, traveller responsibility and active community participation.

Ecotourism offers an opportunity for an increase in education and activism among travelers, making them more effective supporters of conversation. However, an increase of visitors to sensitive natural areas can lead to substantial environmental degradation. Local communities and indigenous cultures can also be harmed by a large influx of visitors. Therefore, government and related stakeholders should plan and manage ecotourism appropriately.

1. What is the topic of the text?
     A. People tend to interpret ecotourism wrongly.
     B. Ecotourism defines four essential principles to happen.
     C. There is a growing appreciation of the nature in tourism.
     D. Tourist should not just enjoy the nature at the cost of nature.
     E. Tourism is the industry that contributes to economic growth.
2. What will happen if ecotourism is managed improperly?
     A. Local people will change their ways of life.
     B. The natural environment will be explored irresponsibly.
     C. It will increase protests from many environment organisations.
     D. It will threaten the integrity of ecosystem and local cultures
     E. Many tourist agencies will be restricted to operate any tours. \
3. "Local communities and indigenous cultures can also be harmed ..." (last paragraph)
     The underlined word is similar meaning to ...
     A. native
     B. modern
     C. various
     D. marvelous
     E. sophisticated

This text is for questions 4 to 6.

Is there any park near your neighborhood? If yes, are there many people, young and old, spend time in the park? What do they usually do there? Do you think it is important to have a park in our neighborhoods? Here's why parks are important to our neighborhoods.

First, in parks usually grows big trees and most part is unpaved ground. These certainly absorbs water as trees and grass are a far more efficient-and less expensive-method of managing storm water than sewers and drainage ditches made of concrete.

Second, parks provide space for neighborhood residents to interact with each other and meet new people. They're also great spaces for events and for people to engage in recreational activities. This allows people to develop a sense of community. A park is perfect for a picnic, concert, or social gathering-whatever your community feels it needs. Increasing the number of parks and recreational facilities in a neighborhood also reduces crime rates, especially among youth. By giving young people a safe place to interact with one another, it will keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

Furthermore, trees can remove  a wide variety of pollutants from the air. Air pollution can increase risk of certain cancers and have adverse effects on children, the elderly and anyone with underlying respiratory problems. It also reduces the distance you can see on a summer day and increases the mortality rate in highly polluted cities.

Parks make a neighborhood more enjoyable to walk through and provide space for popular sports, encouraging physical activities, They provide jogging trails and other amenities designed to get people active. Besides, it is quite obvious that parks where people are able to make connections, meet new friends and participate in recreational activities are also good for the local's mental health.

Based on the statement above, local people and government should work together to build more parks.

4. The text talks mainly about ... to local neighborhoods.
     A. the definition of local parks
     B. the significant roles of parks
     C. the description of local parks
     D. the controversy of building parks
     E. the people's role related to parks

5. From the text, we can see that the writer ...
     A. certainly visits a park to hang out with friends
     B. supports the idea to provide more green spaces
     C. allows the government to build a new park in his land
     D. encourage people visiting parks during weekdays
     E. agree to donate money for building a park

6. Which of the following is the writer's argument about parks near neighborhoods?
     A. Building parks promote more people to do vandalism.
     B. People must go to a park to interact with their neighbors.
     C. Visiting parks is good for our mental and physical health.
     D. People like spending most of their time in parks, day and night.
     E. A park should provide all kinds of sports and recreational facilities.

This text is for questions 7 to 8.

(The "Company") 


Announcement is hereby made to the 
shareholders of the Company that the 
Company's Annual General Meeting of 
Shareholders will be
conducted in Samarinda, 
on Monday, 15th April 2019. 

Pursuant to Article 18 Paragraph 2 of the 
Articles of Association of the Company, the 
official invitation will be published on 2nd April 2019 
in 2 (two) daily national news papers, each in English 
and Indonesian languages. We shall also send you an invitation 
by e-mail. 
Shareholders of the company entittled to be present or presented at the meeting 
shall be those whose names are registered in the Register of Shareholders of the Company as of 31st March 2019
at 12:00 p.m. Central Indonesian Time. 

Samarinda, 1st April 2019

7. The text is about ... of the company's next general meeting. 
     A. the schedule 
     B. the notification 
     C. the invitation 
     D. the participants
     E. the shareholders

8. Who are invited to the meeting? 
     A. The company and its associates. 
     B. The members of Board of Directors. 
     C. The company's registered shareholders. 
     D. The company's shareholders in Samarinda. 
     E. The directorss of branch offices in Indonesia. 

9. "Pursuant to Article 18 Paragraph 2 of the Article of Association of the Company, ..." (Paragraph 2).
     What does the underlined word mean? 
     A. In a similar way. 
     B. In the meantime. 
     C. On the other hand. 
     D. In other words. 
     E. In accordance with.

This text is for questions 10 to 12.

TEMPO. CO, Jakarta-Coordinating Minister for Politics, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto stated that the government is currently coordinating with several Asian countries to process the repatriation of the people of Rohingya from Bangladesh to Rakhine State, Myanmar.

He claimed that such a coordination is required to anticipate infiltration of a terrorist group to Myanmar.

"We want them to return to Myanmar to establish peace. If terrorism infiltrates, it will cause terror, meaning that they will have to again go against Myanmar security officers, " Wiranto said in Jakarta on Friday, 15th December.

However, Wiranto explained that Indonesia will not intervene the repatriation process of the Rohingya to Myanmar. The reason is, he continued, coordination is needed to maintain the stability of South East Asia from terrorism.

"it is the same as what we did for the Philippines to neutralize ISIS base in Marawi," he added.

The minister also urged South Asian countries to remain vigilant to anticipate the potentials of a terrorist base establishment.

10. What does the writer tell us about?
     A. Indonesia's effort to help establish peace in Myanmar.
     B. The coordination among ASEAN countries led by Indonesia.
     C. Indonesia's assistance for the people of Rohingya's repatriation.
     D. The anticipation of the infiltration of a terrorist group to Myanmar.
     E. The repatriation process of the people of Rohingya to Myanmar.

11. From the text we know that...
     A. all South East Asia countries are infiltrated by terrorism.
     B. few people of Rohingya prefer to stay and live in Bangladesh.
     C. Indonesia involves actively in the repatriation process of the Rohingya.
     D. the people of Rohingya refuse to return to Rakhine State, Myanmar.
     E. Indonesia takes important roles in establishing peace in South East Asia.

12. " ... South Asian countries to remain vigilant to anticipate the potentials ..." (Last Paragraph).
     The underlined word is similar meaning to ...
     A. silent
     B. curious
     C. anxious
     D. aggressive
     E. cautious

This text is for questions 13 to 15

Dak Bulgogi (Korean Spicy Chicken) is a must try spicy food lovers. This sweer and spicy marinade turns any meat dish into a celestial one. Chicken thigh meat is the best for flavor and texture. Ginger adds a nice kick and removes the gamy smell and taste.

1 lb chicken meat
1/2 onion (medium)
2 green onion
2 1/2 tsp garlic (minced)
2 1/2 tsp ginger (minced)
5 tbs gochujang (hot pepper paste)
2 tbs sugar (or honey)
2 tbs soy sauce for soup (gukganjang)
2 tsp gochugaru (korean hot pepper flakes)
1 tsp sesame seeds
1/4 tsp vegetable oil

What to do:
1. Cut the chicken roughly 3" squares. They don't have to be square shaped as long as the area is about that size. If the chicken is thick, slice thinly (about 3/8" to 1/4" thickness).
2. Peel and slice the onion. Wash and cut the green onions into 1-2 inches.
3. Mince the garlic and ginger.
4. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
5. Mix the meat with the ingredient mixture using your hand (using plastic or latex gloves to protect your hand from hot paste). Mix everything thoroughly and work in the marinade for 24 3-5 minutes.
6. Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. If your meast is thicker, marinate for 24 hours.
7. Preheat a pan with some vegetable oil.
8. Cook both sides of the meat on BBQ or a pan-fry on medium to high heat until the chicken is cooked through and browned.
9. Serve on a plate and sprinkle sesame seeds to garnish (optional). You can enjoy it with a bowl of rice or make "ssam" (wrapping a piece of meat with a dab of ssamjang (lettuce wrap sauce) in leafy lettuce). Serve for two.

13. The text gives us ...
     A. steps to make Korean spicy chicken
     B. explanation how to cook chicken meat
     C. information about Korean spicy chicken
     D. description about Korean spicy chicken
     E. instructions how to serve Korean spicy chicken

14. When is the chicken meat stored in a refrigerator?
     A. When it is already put in a bowl.
     B. Before it is sprinkled with sesame seeds.
     C. When it is mixed with the grated ginger.
     D. After it is marinated with the ingredients.
     E. Until the pan is hot enough to fry the chicken.

15. How should we remove the bad odour of the chicken meat?
     A. Season it with garlic.
     B. Store it in a refrigerator.
     C. marinate it with ginger.
     D. Fry it until cooked through.
     E. Saute it with onion and green onion.

This text is for questions 16 to 18.

PT Alfindo Steel Tbk.
Jl. Permata Hijau no. 23, Medan

10th April, 2019

Dear Mrs. Amanda Santosa,

Allow me to pleasure of inviting you, and a few of your fellow associates, on behalf of PT Alfindo Steel Tbk to a business luncheon at our offices on Wenesday, 17th April 2019.

As our companies will begin to have a closer working relationship in the upcoming months, it would be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better and discuss future business prospects in properties.

Please give our reception a call on (061) 3445566666 to inform us whether you will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there and getting to know you better in the coming months.

Your sincerely,

Andika Hendrawan
PT. Permata konstruksi Tbk.

16. What is the writer's purpose to write the text?
     A. To introduce himself to his business partners.
     B. To invite his new business partners for a feast.
     C. To make an appointment about the business feast.
     D. To offer a business cooperation to the receiver's company.
     E. To celebrate the business relationship of the two companies.

17. What should the receiver do after reading the text?
     A. Call Andika Hendrawan for an appointment.
     B. Prepare the materials for the coming meeting.
     C. reply the letter and send it to Andika Hermawan.
     D. Contact Permata Konstruksi Tbk's receptionist.
     E. Go to PT Permata Konstruksi Tbk and meet the receptionist.

18. "... and a few of your fellow associates, ... "
     What does the underlined word mean?
     A. Employees.
     B. Friends.
     C. Mentors.
     D. Workers.
     E. Partners.

This text is for questions 19 to 20.

Apartment in Central Downtown

  • Entire Home/Apt 
  • 2 Guests 
  • 1 Bedroom 
  • 1 Bed 
Curious about what makes Surabaya so sophisticated? Live like a local and find out for yourself at our newly renovated, one-bedroom  apartment in downtown Surabaya. Comfortably blending modern conveniences with historic charm, the apartment sits quite close to the historical spots, such as Tugu Pahlawan and 10th November Museum, and the beautiful green open space of Bungkul park as well as a modern shopping centre, 

Contact: (031) 56677889 

19. What is the text about? 
     A. An apartment for sale. 
     B. An apartment for rent. 
     C. A visit to an apartment. 
     D. An apartment's description. 
     E. Interesting spots around an apartment. 

20. From the text, we know that the apartment ... 
     A. has just been built. 
     B. has two single beds. 
     C. is located in a city centre. 
     D. has a conventional design. 
     E. is quite far from a shopping mall. 

This text is for questions 21 to 24. 

Last month I went to Bandung with my elder brother. We went there by train. We would like to spend our holiday in my uncle's house. He, his wife and their only daughter named Alika live in Lembang. My uncle works for a tea plantation company there. 

On our arrival at the station, my uncle and Alika were already there to fetch us. Then, my uncle drove us to his house. Before going to Lembang, we dropped by at a Sundanese restaurant for breakfast. Alika and I ordered grilled fish with chili sauce and fresh vegetables, while my uncle and brother chose to have fried chicken with chili sauce. We really enjoyed our breakfast so much. 

After that, we continued the trip to Lembang. We walk through the parking lot and got in the car. However, when my uncle was trying to start his car, the car didn't move at all. he tried many times, but failed. Then he asked my brother to check the gasoline, but it was full-tanked. My uncle also checked the machine, but he didn't find the problem. My brother and I were getting bit worried and tired due to the long trip. My uncle saw it and he decided to call a car reapairshop. 

Ten minutes later, two repairmen came and started checking and repairing my uncle's car. The man looked serious and worked very skillfully. They checked the machine to figure out the problem. After working for a half hour, they managed to repair my uncle's car. However, there was another problem. My uncle didn't bring enough money to pay for the service. Fortunately, there was an ATM booth near the parking lot, so he straightly went there to withdraw a sum of money. 

In minutes, everything was done. We all felt relieved. Then, we continued the trip to my uncle's house. Though, we had been through such an uncomfortable incident, it didn't reduce our excitement to spend the holiday in Lembang, Bandung. 

21. What is the writer's intention of writing the text? 
     A. To describe her uncle and family. 
     B. To relate her trip to her uncle's house. 
     C. To describe the first trip to Bandung by train. 
     D. To tell us about the incident about her uncle's car. 
     E. To share her experience of staying at his uncle's house. 

22. What did the writer's uncle do right after finding the car didn't move? 
     A. Called a repair shop right away. 
     B. Checked the machine immediately. 
     C. Asked the writer's brother to inspect the gas tank. 
     D. Waited for the service men to arrive and repair it. 
     E. Asked all the children to push the car strongly. 

23. How did the writer's holiday end? 
     A. impressively. 
     B. Unexpectedly. 
     C. Surprisingly.
     D. Unpredictably. 
     E. Coincidentally. 

24. The repairmen could fix my uncle's car properly and quickly...they are very skillful. 
     A. but 
     B. while 
     C. though 
     D. due to 
     E. since 

This text is for questions 25 to 27. 

(CNN) A large sports complex that was being used to shelter more than 5,000 migrants in Tijuana has been closed "due to health issues," according to Mexican Officials. 

Pictures posted to the Facebook page of the Tijuana mayor's office showed officials with face masks cordoning off the entrance of the Benito Juarez Sports Complex on Friday. 

The complex, which had become Tijuana's main facility for sheltering migrants trying to reach the US border, was closed "due to the poor sanitary conditions," a statement from the office of Tijuana's mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum read. 

CNN crews visiting the complex last week found squalid conditions, including open sewage drains. 

Rudolfo Olimpo, a representative from Baja California state's Special Committee on Migration Issues, told CNN last week the complex was more than three times over its capacity. 

Since Thursday, Mexican officials have been transferring migrants from the complex to a new shelter that is further away from the border in the eastern part of the city in an area known as El Barretal. 

Most of the migrants staying at the complex had left as of Sunday, but CNN crews there observed several dozen migrants staying in tents outside the gate. 

25. The text is mainly about ... in Tijuana, Mexico. 
     A. the closing of the migrants' shelter
     B. thousands of migrants in a shelter 
     C. the health issue of the migrants; shelter
     D. a large sports complex as migrants' shelter
     E. the main facility of the migrants' shelter

26/ Why should the migrants be evacuated to a new shelter? 
     A. The old shelter is quite close to the US border. 
     B. The old shelter doesn't have any health facilities. 
     C. The old shelter provides unhelathy environment. 
     D. The new shelter is larger to hold thousand migrants. 
     E. The new shelter provides more complete health facilities. 

27. The Mexico officials have relocated all the migrants keep staying in Tijuana's shelter..., several dozen migrants keep staying in Tijuana's shelter. 
     A.Only if 
     B. Although 
     C. Otherwise 
     D. Furthermore 
     E. However

This text is for questions 28 to 29. 
The box turtle is a species like no other. With a beautifully powerful shell and gentle demeanor, it's popular among pet owners and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This timid creature is native to both the United States and Mexico, though there is an Asia species of box turtles living in the Eastern region of the globe.

Box turtles are very easy-going reptiles whose needs in captivity are highly complex, though this does not stop animal lovers from making them common pets. They can be recognized by their domed shells, which are hinged at the bottom, making them possible for the turtles to close their shells tightly to keep predators out.

Because most wild turtles live in climates that have a wide range of temperatures, they need to hibernate three to five months out of the year in order to stay alive. During these cold temperature spells, food is not as plentiful and the weather does not permit normal bodily functioning.

It is during this time turtles tuck themselves tightly into their uniquely hatched shells and stay sheltered until spring. While some may assume this is a safe period, it is actually quite dangerous. These turtles must retain minimal bodily functions: digestion stops, heart rate slows, and eye movement ceases. This period is common for turtle deaths.

28. What can be concluded from the text?
     A. Young and old people love to keep box turtles.
     B. Box turtles can be found in Australia continent.
     C. Box turtles always hide their heads under their shells.
     D. Few box turtles may never wake up after hibernating.
     E. Box turtles spend most of their time in a year by hibernating.

29. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
     A. Box turtles stay alive by hibernating for a quite long time.
     B. Box turtles need to hibernate three to five months out of the year.
     C. There is not much food for box turtles during the winter season.
     D. Box turtles' bodies do not function normally during cold weather.
     E. Box turtles live in climates that have a wide range of temperatures.

This text is for questions 30 to 32. 

Frozen methane bubbles look otherworldly, like flying saucers that dropped into the water and froze, or ancient, ice-encapsulated jellyfish. In fact, these icy circles are frozen methane bubbles-pockets of gas that, when trapped underwater and frozen, form a spectacular landscape.

Found in winter in high northern latitude lakes like Lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada, these gas bubbles are created when dead leaves, grass and animals fall into the water, sink and are eaten by bacteria that excrete methane. The gas is released as bubbles that transform into tens of thousands of icy water, Quora user Mayur Kanaiya explains.

It's a stunning, but potentially dangerous sight. This potent greenhouse gas not only warms the planet, but also is highly flammable. Come spring, when the ice melts, the methane bubbles pop and fizz in a spectacular release-but if anyone happens to light a match nearby, the masses of methane will ignite into a giant explosion.

Curious travelers can see these gassy hiccups in lakes across Canada's Banff National Park, or in the Arctic Ocean off Siberia, where researchers have found  gargantuan gas bubbles as large as 900m across.

30. What is the text mainly about?
     A. A spectacular underwater landscape.
     B. A spectacular, but hazardous phenomenon.
     C. The danger of frozen methane bubbles.
     D. Strange phenomena taking place in lakes.
     E. The most curious place in the Arctic Ocean.

31. What might happen to the methane bubbles when the spring comes?
     A. They will cause huge explosions.
     B. They will be melting to the seawater.
     C. They will ignite an everlasting fire.
     D. They will appear spectacularly to the air.
     E. They will release gas of methane to the air.

32. "This potent greenhouse gas not only warms the planet, ...." (Paragraph 3).
     The underlined word can be replaced by ...
     A. fragile
     B. useless
     C. powerful
     D. potential
     E. dangerous

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