Questions 20 to 23 refer to the following text. 

All people in the world know that there is a magnificent monument in India. It is the Taj Mahal that is known as a maussoleum of queen Mumtaz Mahal. It is a complex building which consists of a main gate, garden, mosque, and other buildings located on the bank of Yamuna river in Agra India. The gate which has unique and amazing calligraphy is in the center of the southern wall of the yard. The garden which reflects the paradise garden is opposite the galleries.

The mosque was built for worshipers near monuments. It was constructed of red sandstone with white marble used for the domes. The design of the mosque makes it so majestic. It serves worshipers by having a pool in front of the mosque. This pool is used for ablution before they do their praying.

The Taj Mahal is a very large complex and the tomb is the central focus of the Taj Mahal. The decoration of the Taj Mahal is one of the finest decorations in the world done by a very great architects that attract so many tourists from all over the world.

                                                                                            (Source: Express Bahasa Inggris. Page: 78)
20. What is the text about?
    A. The information to know the amazing buildings in the world.
    B. The interesting story about India.
    C. The history of magnificent monument in India.
    D. The decription about the Taj Mahal in India.
    Pembahasan: Model soal ini menanyakan topik teks. Topik teks yang benar adalah tentang deskripsi Taj Mahal di India. (The description about the Taj Mahal in India).
    Jawaban: D.

21. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
    A. the decoration of the Taj Mahal.
    B. How large the Taj Mahal is.
    C. The finest decorations of the Taj Mahal which attracts so many tourists.
    D. Tourist' visit on the central tomb.
    Pembahasan: Apakah pikiran utama dari paragraf terakhir? (Pikiran utama paragraf). Dekorasi terbaik Taj Mahal yang menarik banyak wisatawan. (The finest decorations of the Taj Mahal which attracts so many tourists).
    Jawaban: D

22. What is the function of the pool in front of the mosque?
    A. For ablution when worshipers want to pray.
    B. For more attractions and beauty.
    C. To serve visitors when they want to take water.
    D. To make the mosque more amazing.
    Pembahasan: Apakah fungsi kolam yang berada di depan masjid? Jawaban ini bisa kita temukan di paragraf 2, kalimat 5. Kolam digunakan untuk berwudhu ketika para peziarah mau bersembahyang.
    Jawaban: A

23. "The gate is in the center of the southern wall of the yard ..." (Paragraph 1)
    The closest meaning of the underlined word is ...
    A. place
    B. forecourt
    C. area
    D. bank
Pembahasan: model soal ini adalah tentang sinoinim. Sinonim kata "yard" adalah "forecourt" yang berarti pelataran/halaman.
Sedangkan "place" berarti "tempat".
"area"berarti "daerah".
"bank" berarti "tepi/pinggiran".
Jawaban: D

Questions 40 to 42 refer to the following text. 
Announcement to All Staff 

every year is a special year celebrated as a new struggle with new energy for all staff to manage this company. Updating systems and finishing all work are the main duties.

Because of it, this year, we will postpone the New Year celebration until all work is finished. We apologize that the celebration will be held in the second week of January. Please contact Mr. Jonny for detailed information.

Thank you

                                                                                        (Source: Express Bahasa Inggris. Page: 82)

40. What is the topic of the text?
    A. Information on how to celebrate New Year for all staff.
    B. Announcement about the postponement of the New Year celebration.
    C. Managing many works.
    D. Updating systems and finishing all work for all staff.
Pembahasan: Apakah topik teks di atas? Topiknya adalah "pengumuman tentang penundaan perayaan tahun baru"(Announcement about the postponement of the New Year celebration).
Jawaban: B

41. Why did they postpone the New Year celebration? Because they ...
    A. must wait until the next announcement
    B. had to finish their main duties
    C. Managing many works.
    D. must manage and update the company
Pembahasan: Mengapa mereka menunda perayaan tahun baru? karena mereka "harus menyelesaikan kewajiban utama mereka" (had to finish their main duties). Paragraf 1, kalimat 2. (Tersurat).
Jawaban: B.

42. "... this year we will postpone the new year celebration ..." (paragraph 2)
    A. cancel
    B. stop
    C. delay
    D. change
Pembahasan: soal ini menanyakan persamaan makna/sinonim kata "postpone". Sinonim postpone adalah delay yang berarti "menunda". Sedangkan cancel=membatalkan, stop=berhenti, change=berubah.
Jawaban: C
Questions 43 to 45 refer to the following text. 

My New Year Holiday
Last New Year holiday, my parents and I went for a vacation around central Java. We spent several days there. Before visiting many resorts and tourism places around Central Java province, we visited my grandfather and my mother’s relatives. Because of traffic jam, it took 12 hours to reach there with my grandfather’s car. 

We saw beautiful rice farms, lakes, big rivers, and forests on the way there. I enjoyed it so much. When we reached our destination, many villagers welcomed us. All families and relatives were busy cooking special favorite food for us. After that, we ate together in the large hall of my grandfather’s house.

On the second day, we went to Prambanan Temple. It was not far from my grandfather’s home. We went there at 6 a.m and arrived at 9 a.m. I adored seeing one of the greatest building in the world with amazing ancient architecture.

After being satisfied walking around Prambanan, we went to the nearest hotel to rest. The following day, we went back home. I really enjoyed my New Year holiday with my parents. 
                                                                                            (Source: Express Bahasa Inggris. Page: 83)

43. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
     A. To tell about the writer's experience while on her New Year holiday.
     B. To explain how great the trip to visit relatives was.
     C. To inform about an amazing Prambanan Temple.
     D. To describe about the writer's family and relatives.
Pembahasan: Apakah tujuan komunikasi teks tersebut? (tujuan teks). Teks di atas tergolong recount experience, jadi tujuannya adalah "untuk menceritakan tentang pengalaman penulis ketika liburan tahun baru."
Jawaban: A.

44. How long did it take to Prambanan Temple from the writer's grandfather home?
     A. Twelve hours.
     B. Three hours.
     C. One hour.
     D. Five hours.
Pembahasan: Berapa lama untuk bisa sampai di Candi Prambanan dari rumah kakek si penulis? Jawabannya bisa kita ketahui di paragraf 3 kalimat 3. We went there at 6 am and arrived at 9 am (kita pergi ke sana jam 6 pagi dan tiba jam 9 pagi). Berarti waktu yang dibutuhkan 3 jam.

45. "... took 12 hours to reach ..." (Paragraph 1)
     What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
     A. Depart.
     B. Go.
     C. Arrive.
     D. Come.
Pembahasan: Sinonim kata reach adalah tiba (arrive), sedangkan kata depart=berangkat, go=pergi, come=datang.
Jawaban; A

Questions 46 to 48 refer to the following text. 
How to Use a Facsimile Machine
Firstly, you have to check the power supply of the machine then make sure that the telephone cord is plugged into a phone jack. 

After that, the document that you want to fax must be inserted into the out-going fax tray.

Then, you have to dial the phone number that you want to send your document to. Don’t forget about the codes for area and country.

Next, you wait for the answer from the fax machine, then look at the fax machine display. It will be displayed if the pages have been sent successfully or you need to resend it again due to error.

Later, you have to put enough papers in the incoming fax tray to receive a fax. It will be printed instantly on the papers.

46. You need to ... the phone number that you want to send your document to.
     A. dial
     B. reject
     C. know
     D. answer
Jawaban: A.
dial= menekan

47. "It will be displayed if the pages have been sent successfully ..." (Step 4)
     What is the synonym of the underlined word?
     A. Given
     B. Shown
     C. Written
     D. Described
Pembahasan: sionim kata "displayed" adalah "shown" yang berarti ditampilkan. sedangkan given=diberi, written=ditulis, described=dideskripsikan.
Jawaban: B

48. "It will be printed instantly ..." (Last step)
     The word "it" refers to ...
     A. paper
     B. fax machine
     C. incoming fax
     D. tray
Pembahasan: soal ini menanyakan kata "it" menggantikan apa? Jawaban bisa kita ketahui dari kalimat yang mendahuluinya, incoming fax adalah jawabannya.
Jawaban: C


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