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The following text is for questions 1 to 4.

Ice, which is water in its frozen, solid state, will form when the water temperature reaches 32?F. In cold weather, ice appears on rivers, lakes, and the ocean. In areas where it is perpetually cold, ice becomes part of the landscape as features such as glaciers, ice caps, and ice sheets.

Glaciers form in locations where snow accumulates faster than it can melt, usually in mountainous areas. Over time the snow becomes compressed and recrystallizes into ice. When the ice reaches a solid mass of a certain thickness it can begin to move, or flow, under its own weight. Most glaciers move very slowly, perhaps only a few inches a year, but under circumstances, they can advance quickly.

An ice cap is a thick layer of ice and snow that has formed a permanent crust over areas of land. Such formations are found primarily in polar regions. Sometimes the term ice cup is used interchangeably with ice sheet, although an ice sheet usually is larger. Ice sheet that cover continents are known as continental glaciers, such as the Antarctic ice sheet.

Adopted from: National Geographic, Answer Book 10,001 Fast Fact about Our World, Washington DC, National Geographic, 2015.

1. What is the text about?

A. Ice. 

B. Snow.

C. Ice cap. 

D. Glaciers.

E. Ice sheet.

Jawaban: A

2. From the text we can conclude that … 

A. glaciers only occur in Antarctic

B. an ice cap is the largest ice form

C. ice appears on water in cold weather

D. ice is only formed during cold weather

E. glaciers usually move in a rapid speed

Jawaban: D

3. What does the writer expect to the readers through the text?

  1. They intend to make ice.

  2. They avoid to visit ice sheet. 

  3. They gain knowledge about ice.

  4. They are interested to see ice sheet.

  5. They plan to visit a snowy area.

Jawaban: C

4. "Glaciers form in locations where snow accumulates faster than .... " (Paragraph 2) What does the underlined word mean?

 A. Forms. 

B. Grows. 

C. Collects. 

D. Increases. 

E. Concentrates.

Jawaban: C 

The following text is for questions 5 to 8.

A financial institution (FI) is an establishment that focuses on dealing with financial transactions, such as investments, loans, and deposits.

Conventionally, financial institutions are composed of organizations, such as banks, trust companies, insurance companies, and investment dealers. People deal with a financial institution on a regular basis. Every transaction from depositing money to taking out loans and exchange currencies must be done through financial institutions.

Financial institutions are regulated highly by the government to protect people finance and to maintain the economy's stability. For example, if a financial institution enters into bankruptcy as a result of controversial practices, this will no doubt cause wide-spread panic as people start to question the safety of their finances. This loss of confidence can inflict further negative externalities upon the economy.

Adopted from: institution.asp (October 25, 2019)

5. What is the text probably addressed to?

A. Citizens. 

B. Bankers. 

C. Economists. 

D. Government.

E. Academists.

Jawaban: A

6. What is the financial institution's advantage for the government?

A. To take out loans.

B. To deposit money. 

C. To invite investment dealers. 

D. To maintain the economy's stability.

E. To guarantee the government assets.

Jawaban: D

7. What Would happen with the customers' money if a financial institution goes bankrupt because of controversial practices?

A. The money would be lost. 

B. The money would be safe.

C. The money could be invested easily. 

D. The amount of money would increase. 

E. The amount of money would decrease.

Jawaban: B

8. "This loss of confidence can inflict further negative externalities upon the economy." (Last sentence) What is the synonym of the underlined word?

A. Ignore. 

B. Cause. 

C. Improve.

D. Reduce.

E. Avoid.

Jawaban: B

The following text is for questions 9 to 12.

Bar codes are becoming common all over the world. They became available in 1974 and since then, several bar codes have been designed.

A bar code is a printed pattern of black and white lines. The pattern contains important information. Each printed bar code consists of a unique pattern of black and white lines that represent numbers from 0 to 9. The first six digits identify the manufacturer and the next five digits identify a certain product. The last digit tells if the number is scanned correctly so it is called 'check digit'. For example, the Campbell Soup Company produces canned foods. The first six digits of all Campbell products are the same. The next five digits are different for each Campbell product, such as chicken soup, tomato soup and so on. As a result, the bar code for each product in a store is unique.

Many kinds of businesses use bar codes. However, a bar code system is especially useful in supermarkets. One reason is that most customers purchase a large number of items. Bar codes make the checkout process fast and easy. Also, supermarkets sell a wide variety of items. Most of these items are sold quickly. Using bar codes allows stores to easily track what has been sold and what needs to be ordered. Using the technology of bar codes makes supermarkets more efficient.

Adopted from: Arline Burgmeier, Inside Reading, The Academic Word List in Context (2nd edition), New York, Oxford University Press, 2013.

9. Which part of a bar code identifies the manufacturer of a product?

 A. The last digit. 

B. The last six digits. 

C. The first five digits. 

D. The first six digits.

E. The next five digits.

Jawaban: D

10. The last digit is called 'check digit' because it checks whether ...

A. the number is printed well

B. the product is out of date

C. the number is scanned correctly

D. the product is well-packaged

E. the product is well-manufactured

Jawaban: C

11. Which of the following is not the functions of bar codes for a supermarket?

A. To track what a supermarket has sold.

B. To make the checkout process easier. 

C. To make the checkout process more efficient.

D. To know what a supermarket needs to be ordered.

E. To attract visitors to shop in a supermarket.

Jawaban: E

12. "However, a bar code system is useful in supermarkets." (Paragraph 3)

What is the synonym of the underlined word? 

A. Useless. 

B. Beneficial. 

C. Available. 

D. Meaningless.

E. Expensive.

Jawaban: B

The following text is for questions 13 to 15.

Have you ever heard of Nieves Penitentes, or simply Penitentes? They are natural phenomena when snow grows into spectacular narrow blades of ice up to several meters high. Penitentes can be found on very high-altitude glaciers when the air is dry, such as the Andes Mountain.

Penitentes take the form of tall thin spikes or blades of hardened snow or ice. The blades usually are oriented towards the sun. They usually form in clusters and range from a few centimeters to two meters high, but penitentes as high as five meters has been recorded. These pinnacles of snow or ice grow over all glaciated and snow covered areas in the Dry Andes above 4,000 meters. Penitentes are a common sight in the regions between Argentina and Chile.

Penitentes were first described in the literature of Darwin in 1839. On March 22, 1835, he had to squeeze his way through snowfields covered in Penitentes near the Piuquenes Pass, on the way from

Santiago de Chile to the Argentinian city of Mendoza. Adopted from: (October 30, 2019)

13. The text is mainly about … 

A. the general facts about Penitentes

B. the characteristics of Penitentes

C. the spectacular sight of Penitentes

D. Penitentes found in the Andes Mountain

E. the record about the Penitentes found

Jawaban: A

14. According to the text, it can be concluded that Penitentes ...

A. come in cube forms

B. always head towards the sun

C. can't be higher than two meters

D. is impossible to occur in hot arid areas

E. are formed at a distance from one another

Jawaban: B

15. Darwin was the first scientist who .... Penitentes in a written form.

A. observed

B. examined

C. explained

D. explored

E. recorded

Jawaban: C

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