Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 dengan Kunci Jawaban: Application Letter

Pada halaman ini kamu bisa belajar dengan cara mengerjakan soal ulangan dengan materi utama application letter. 

Application letter juga biasa dikenal dengan nama "cover letter", yakni suatu surat lamaran kerja yang ditulis berdasarkan informasi vacancy (iklan lowongan kerja). 

Materi pembelajaran ini muncul pada tingkat kelas 12 jenjang SMA/SMK dimana materi ini sangat bermanfaat bagi mereka yang sebentar lagi akan lulus sekolah dan bisa dijadikan bekal pengetahuan untuk melamar suatu pekerjaan setelah lulus sekolah.

Berikut saya tampilkan 15 butir soal ulangan harian bahasa Inggris kelas 12 dengan materi pembelajaran "application letter". Selamat belajar.

The following text is for questions 1 to 4.

Mayasari Sahira 

Jl. Cublak Suweng no. 11 



November 18, 2019

H.R. Manager

PT Galvia Clothing

JI. Bungong Jcumpa no 21


Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing to apply for the post of Embroidery Quality Control Staff, as advertised on the Post Office announcement board.

I graduated from SMA Generasi Pendidikan in 2018. I attended a sewing course at LPK Baju Baru for three months to gain skills and knowledge about sewing. Having a year work experience as Sewing Production Staff at PT Pakaian Remaja has improved my skills at sewing. Then, I worked as an operator for embroidery machine these two years using both mechanical and electronic embroidery machines. My duty was to input embroidery designs and operate the embroidery machines before the fabrics were sewed by sewing staffs. Therefore, I am familiar with embroidery machines.

I am highly motivated and a fast learner. I am able to work under pressure both in a team and individually. I believe I am well qualified for the position.

I am available for an interview any time. I can be contacted by phone or e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,

Mayasri Sahira

1. What is the vacancy offered?

A. A production manager.

B. A quality controller. 

C. Sewing production staff. 

D. A quality control manager.

E. An embroidery machine technician.

Answer: B

2. Where did the applicant learn embroidery?

A. At home.

B. At school.

C. At PT Pakaian Remaja. 

D. At PT Galvia Apparel.

E. At LPK Baju Baru.

Answer: C

3. From the letter we can conclude that the applicant ...

A. is a fresh graduate

B. is suitable for the position

C. is able to work individually, only

D. works for a national company for years

E. sends the letter to the company via e-mail

Answer: B

4. What is the requirement for the position?

A. Be familiar with sewing machines. 

B. Understand various types of embroidery. 

C. Know how to operate embroidery machines.

D. Understand how to input computer designs.

E. Know how to repair embroidery machine problems.

Answer: C

The Following text is for questions 5 to 6.

To :

Subject : Pharmacist Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing in response to an announcement recently posted on Dian Sehat Hospital's website about employment opportunities for new pharmacy graduates. As you can see on my resume, I am going to graduate from STIKES Sanus majoring in Pharmacy in January 2020. During my internship, I had the opportunities to work in several settings, including decoding doctor's prescriptions and dispense the medicines for costumers. My experiences enable me to develop strong skills that prepare me well for the challenges. In addition to my pharmacist skills, I have developed my leadership skills through campus involvement. As the president of the National Student Pharmacists' Association, I held several community service activities, including a forum discussion about medicines. Our organization also created a program that provides first aid training to people in the area.

I am very interested in commencing my pharmacist career at Dian experience Sehat Hospital and believe that my skills and experience prepare me very well. I can be reached and by phone and prepare e-mail. very 

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Intan Permata

Intan Permata
Perum Angin Sejuk Blok G no. 12



Resume.pdf (526K)

Certificate.jpg (938K)

Identity Card.jpg (745K)

Reference.jpg (395K)

5. Why did Intan write the letter? 

A. To apply for a job.

B. To propose for an internship.

C. To share her knowledge about pharmacy. 

D. To inform of a job vacancy at a hospital.

E. To invite an institution to attend a charity program.

Answer: A

6. How did Intan gain her pharmacy experience at the hospital?

A. By attending an internship.

B. By working for Dian Sehat Hospital. 

C. By following forum discussions.

D. By holding community service activities. 

E. By joining the National Student Pharmacists' Association.

Answer: A

7. Why does Intan meet the requirements?

A. She is excellent at leadership.

B. She is active at community service activities. 

C. She became the president of a student's association.

D. Her educational background matches the vacant job.

E. She has created a program that provides first aid training

Answer: D

8. What does Intan hope for?

A. She can work for Dian Sehat Hospital.

B. She will graduate in January 2020.

C. She can send her application letter.

D. The employer accepts her as an internship student.

E. The employer opens a new job vacancy for pharmacy graduates.

Answer: B

The following text is for questions 9 to 12.

Sofia Ratnasari

Jl. Cotton Candy no. 9

Jawa Timur 

December 4, 2019

Mr. Romi Irwan

Personnel Manager

Cemerlang Jaya

J1. Rindang Indah no. 132 Denpasar

Dear Sir, 

I wish to apply for the position of Electrical Engineer as advertised on your company's website. As requested, I enclose my resume and other documents in my attachments.

I graduated from Electrical Engineering of National University in 2017. I have an experience in handling projects with tight schedules, under pressure, and team work. I am proficient in computer and have excellent English, both written and spoken. I would be able to impart my skills and gain additional knowledge for professional growth with your company.

I would appreciate an opportunity to have an interview. I can be reached by phone at 09365260606560. Thank you. 

Yours faithfully,

Sofia Ratnasari

9. What is the letter about? 

A. Offering a job. 

B. Applying for a job. 

C. Explaining one's skills.

D. Stating one's career objective.

E. Information about one's education.

Answer: B

10. What is paragraph three about? 

A. The applicant's skills.

B. The offered job vacancy. 

C. The enclosed documents.

D. The applicant's educational background. 

E. The applicant's wish to have an interview.

Answer: E

11. From the letter we can conclude that … 

A. the interview invitation can be sent via mail

B. the job vacancy is advertised in newspaper

C.the applicant can work well,individually

D.theapplicant is good at computer 

E. the applicant is a fresh graduate

Answer: D

12. "I would be able to impart my skills.....

(Paragraph 2)

What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?

A. Invoke. 

B. Present 

C. Acquire. 

D. Reach.

E. Exhaust.

Answer: B

The following text is for questions 13 to 15. 

Fill the blanks with the correct word!

To : 

Subject : Application 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I would like to (13) … whether you have any vacancies in your company. I enclose my resume for your information.

I graduated from SMK Pemuda Bangsa majoring in Marketing in 2017. I have work experience in the (14) … and industrial sector which has developed my skills and ability to work in many different environments. I believe that my skills and knowledge will … (15) your team. I can operate a computer and have a charming personality. I would be grateful if you would keep my resume on file for any future possibilities.

Yours faithfully,

Aan Widodo

Aan Widodo

JI. Pancasila no. 45





Identity Card.jpg



A. open

B. enact

C. enquire

D. provide

E. render 

Answer: C


A. retail

B. workplace

C. expertise

D. requirement

E. document

Answer: A


A. support

B. supports

C. supported

D. supporting

E. supporter 

Answer: A

Demikianlah 15 butir soal ulangan harian bahasa Inggris dengan tema materi pelajaran utama "application letter" untuk kelas 12. Semoga kamu terus semangat belajar dan bisa menguasai materi pembelajaran "application letter" ini dengan baik.

Untuk bisa tambah pintar dan sukses dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris,saya sarankan kamu untuk membaca dan mempelajari soal soal bahasa Inggris lainnya di dalam website ini. 

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