Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester Bahasa Inggris SMK dan SMA


Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Nama Siswa :  ...........................................
Kelas                 : XII (Sebelas)  Kelas         :  ...........................................
Hari/Tanggal         : .../... Maet 2020 No. UTS :  ...........................................
Waktu                 : ... - ... ( 90 menit)

Kerjakan soal di bawah ini dengan benar dan jelas! 
Questions 1 to 2 are based on the following text. 
Follow the steps below to take pictures using a digital camera: 
  • Firstly, hold up the camera and adjust the object in the center of the LCD. 
  • Then, move closer or use the zoom  control for best results. 
  • When you are ready, hold the shutter halfway. It is important to take a picture after the camera sets the focus, shutter speed, and various other calculations. 
  • A light should appear that lets you know the camera is ready to use. 
  • Lastly, press the shutter all the way down. It may be necessary to turn off the LCD and use the view finder when there is more extreme sunlight to conserve battery the glare from the LCD does not work well with more bright light. 
1. What does the text tell us about? 
2. What should you do after seeing the light of camera? 

Question 3 and 4 are based on the following text. 
Jl. Anggrek 26

March 11, 2019

Personnel Manager
Jl. Adi Sucipto

 Dear Sir,
I am writing to apply for the English translator as advertised in Solopos  of March,8 2019. As you will see from the enclosed CV, I graduated from English Letters of Padjajaran University. I started working as an freelance translator in Mediatama, where I translated many documents from English to Indonesian. Besides,I worked as a freelance content writer in Indonesia Post. 
If you think that I qualified for the posision, I should be able to attend an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Your faithfully,

3. Why did the writer compose the text? 
4. What will the Personnel Manager do after receiving the text? 

5. Fiil the incomplete dialog with suitable expression!
Ina: I wonder if you could lend me your dictionary. I’m doing my work. 
Ines: ... . Here it is. 

6. Change the fact sentence into appropriate conditional sentence! 
a. I am not a bird, so I can not fly over the sky. 
b. It is possible to get good job if we study hard. 

7. Fill the blanks with suitable verb based in the bracket! 
a. My little brother ... (be, sleep) in the bedroom when I studied last night. 
b. I ... (finish) my dinner before you came. 

8. Change the sentence into passive voice! 
The manager postponed the agenda of meeting. 


1. Procedure to take pictures with camera. 
2. Press the shutter all the way down. 
3. To apply a job. 
4. Invite him to have interview. 
5. Sure. 
6. A. If I were a bird, I would fly over the sky. 
        B. If we study hard we will get good job.
7. A. was sleepin
        B. had finished 
8. The agenda of meeting was postponed by the manager. 


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