Short Review A Bridgte to Terabithia Novel

Hallo pembaca ku. Aku ucapkan selamat datang di website aku. Pada kesempatan kali ini aku akan mereview salah satu novel yang sangat sangat aku suka, judulnya adalah Bridge to Terabithia. Semoga review singkat ini bisa menambah ilmu pengetahuan untuk kamu ya. Inilah review singkat Bridge to Terabithia. 

A Novel Review: Bridge to Terabithia

Reviewer: Eko Wahyudi, S. Pd

Originally published: October 21, 1977

Author: Katherine Paterson

Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Co.

Illustrator: Donna Diamond

Genres: Novel, Children's literature, Young adult fiction

Characters: Leslie Burke, Jesse Aarons, May Belle Aarons, Joyce Aarons, Ellie Aarons


Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. Jesse Aaaron is a shy and artistic young man. He lives with his parents and sisters in a tiny village. Although his little sister frequently annoys him, he makes an effort to be kind. He is constantly defending her younger sister from bullying at school. Jesse Aaron does not have a large circle of pals.

Leslie Burke, a new classmate, became his best buddy overnight. Leslie is the only child of prosperous and intelligent parents. Jessie's world became more exciting once Leslie introduced him to a lovely neverland called Terabithia. Regrettably, the story concludes with a fatal accident. This story is one of my favorites because it teaches us the value of friendship and family.

This is an outstanding work of literature. It was an absolute pleasure to read!

I'm not sure if you've seen the 2007 film, but if you haven't read the book, I can tell you that the film is a good adaptation, but it may mislead you regarding the "fantasy" factor; I used that label in my review as well, but only because I don't have a better label at the moment to adequately describe the book.

I tell you this because the film places a lot of emphasis and screen time on "those magical creatures," but they do not exist; in the book, the children are very clear about this; they are playing, yes, but they are not watching magic creatures appear out of thin air; they are simply using something called "imagination."

I mention this as well to emphasize that if you come to this book expecting something in the vein of Harry Potter or Narnia, you will be disappointed; however, if you are seeking for an excellent coming-of-age story, you will read one of the best books in that genre, area, and/or topic.

This wonderful book has been banned from numerous libraries due to various reasons. What I can tell you is that the children here speak and think in a really authentic and honest manner, and hence I do not believe that this is a good basis to prohibit this book.

This is a very magnificent work about maturing, about the inability of managing life, and about the importance of cherishing each moment since you never know when something may change irreversibly.

Additionally, you will not comprehend the significance of the title until you read it; however, please refrain from conducting any study or investigation before to reading the book, as the effect of the story is contingent on your ignorance.

This is a brief book; simply read it and it will remain imprinted on your heart for the rest of your life.


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