My perspective on college success

The reason why high school kids want to go to college is because this is what they plan to do after graduating. Some of them, however, cannot accomplish their goal of going to college due to either financial issues or bad luck.

I'm motivated to become a college student success because, as of today, having a bachelor's degree has become a distinguished accomplishment, which ensures the alumnus to get their long-desired employment without any difficulty. I've invested time and effort in getting ready for college. I battled to pass the college entrance exam in the face of stiff competition. Studying and completing projects has been a major component of my academic life. When assignments have a significantly higher demand than they used to, it's common for me to become stressed and almost make myself give up. In order to be able to advance to the next course level, some students are required to complete a makeup test. This means that I must be compensated for my effort and sacrifice with a return on investment. The definition of success for me as a college student is to obtain a bachelor's degree with a good overall GPA, as well as gain employment with high pay following graduation. I have tremendous confidence that I will find the perfect career for me. To meet these requirements, several companies and public/private institutions insist on an age and GPA limit for candidates. Graduating on time, with a high cum laude, has much more potential to help me further my career because I will be in my early twenties.

I have some tactics that have aided me in my academic and professional success.

A good system for time management

I am bound to deal with a multitude of problems as a college student. There are a number of requirements that I have to meet, such as having classes on a regular basis, sitting in on lectures, completing group assignments, and earning a salary so that I can cover my tuition fee bill. I become overwhelmed when I have too many things to do, so I'm quite organized with my time management. Organizing my tasks using a checklist is an easy way to do so. Using a checklist, I am able to identify which activities are the most important and the least important to me.

Studying for all of your classes

Attending classes affects my information that I've gained. Although I can easily acquire library or internet-based course material, simply listening to the lecturer's explanation will lead to a greater understanding of the subject. Additionally, since difficulties may crop up, I can easily ask and talk about them with my classmates and instructors. Lecturers also use examples or real-life scenarios to help students understand the course content better.

Selecting the focus of the thesis

In order to earn a college degree, one must usually write a thesis. Deciding on a topic earlier helps with the process of writing a thesis. According to me, it's important to choose a topic that I like and an area that I'm passionate about, because this will make me more excited and spirited as I work on the project. Discussing it with my lecturer is absolutely crucial to having an excellent thesis.

While in the course, I'm eager to participate in class and do my work. The content of the course is adequate and easy to locate. The explanation on the subject of my learning is easy for me to understand. Not only does it mean a lot to me, but there are no obstacles.


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