Extremely Extraordinary An Upclose on [Not So] Unknown Sport

What comes into your mind when you hear the word "curling"? Your mom's haircurlers? Well, think again. Curling is actually the name of a sport that involves driving a granite disc across the ice using brooms. It's only one of the many sports out there that don't make much an appearance on TV, in newspapers, or magazines. In this writing, you'll not only get  a glimpse of curling, but also other not so-well known, though widely-played sports, like kemari, street luging, and mountain unicycling. 

Curling Sport
Curling Sport


Dubbed "The Hottest Sport on Ice," curling is a Winner Olympic Sport that is played by two teams with four players each, on an ice rink called sheet, measuring 40 yards by 14 feet. Before each game, the ice is sprayed with water which quickly freezes into fine ice pebbles. On each end of the sheet are three concentric circles (like a dartboard) called the house, and right in the middle is the circle called button. The house functions like the goal in soccer. The two opposing teams try to slide granite discs, called stones, across the sheet to the button. These discs have convex bottoms to make it easy for them to glide over ice, and are made of granite, which is mined from a single quarry in Alisa Craig, Scotland. Pushing, or even touching the stones is forbidden. Players are only allowed to sweep the ice pebbles in front of the stone smooth its way or steer it to a particular direction. Thr team with the most stones near or on the button wins the game. 

Street Luge Sport

Street Luge 

This sport looks a little like horizontal skateboarding. Indeed, a branch of this sport, called buttboarding, is actually just that. The player lies on a long board with wheels, then races down the street. Steet luge, on the other hand, uses a more sophosticated board with a headrest and an improved steering system. The players, called pilots, lie down on a board with wheels, about 5 centimeters from the ground. Then they start gliding down the street, feet first. They use their feet to manipulate the control bar on the front wheel to turn the board left or right, reaching speed up to and more than 100 kph. Streets used for luging are usually barricaded for the safety of the players. In addition, the players also don protective clothing and helmets. 

Mountain Uncycling Sport

Mountain Uncycling (Muni) 

To  understand Muni, get this: Riding a unicycle is a feat involving balance and stamina, because unlike biking, you have to keep pedaling to stay moving. Likewise, cross country tracking and mountain climbing are sports that stretch your physical endurance to the limit. Combined, the two sports make up mountain unicycling, a.k.a. all terrain unicycling. In this sport, people basically navigate rough terrain, hopping and pedalling up and down mountain slopes, crossing shallow creeks, and trekking in dense forests where the criss crossing tree roots offer even more challenges to the MUnicyclists. 


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