Soal Reading USBN-Paket A



Questions 16 and 17 refer to the following  text.

Attention to: Master English Teachers

We would like to invite you to come to our seminar entitled "iBT TOEFL as the Key to Academic & Institutional Recruitment Success". The keynote speaker will be Mr. Jose Santiago, Director, Channel Expansion and Client Relations Global Division of Educational Testing Services, USA.

Seminar date and venue will be scheduled on:

Date : Monday, April 2nd, 2019

Time : 8 a.m. — 11 a.m.

Place      : Wisma Bidakara — Baladewa room, Jakarta

Topics    :Who is Educational Testing Services (ETS)?

What bs iBT TOEFL exactly?

What is the role of ITP TOEFL?

Where does ETS stand in relation to the myriad of imitation ITP TOEFL

assessments and unauthorized certifications taking place in Indonesia?

Please make your reservation and your confirmation to Ms. Desy at 021-889943


Sri Rahayu

Senior Program Officer



16. What is the purpose of the text?

A.    ATo invite the teachers to a seminar

B.     B. To invite the students to a seminar

C.   C. To invite the speaker to the seminar

D.   D. To hold a new teacher seminar


17.  What is the purpose of the text?

A.    A. To invite the teachers to a seminar

B.    B.  To invite the students to a seminar

C.    C.   To invite the speaker to the seminar

D.    D. To hold a new teacher seminar



Questions 18 and 19 refer to the following text.

A month ago, Dika and I joined a group tour to Bali. We went there because we wanted to visit many famous places. For the first three days in Kuta, we enjoyed swimming and surfing at the beach without guidance from the tour agency. After the tour leaders asked us to gather at their office, we came there and decided to visit Singaraja as our first destination and Ubud as the second place

On the day of the tour, we drove through the mountains to Singaraja. We sawsome magnificent views there. We enjoyed it very much.

Different from the first destination, we saw the art and crafts in Ubud Island. During the trip, our first stop was at Batubulan, a center of stone sculpture. We watched as young men carved the big blocks of stones. After that, we visited Celuk, known as a center for silversmiths and goldsmiths. Lastly, we stopped for lunch at Sukawati. Our holiday in Bali ended very quickly. Before going home, we spent our rest day sailing and surfboarding. We were very satisfied with the tour that we chose.


18.  What is the topic of the text ?

A.    A. The beauty of Bali island

B.    B. The reader’s holiday in Bali

C.    C. The writer’s latest holiday in Bali

D.    DThe writer and Dika’s trip to Bali


19. What is the aim of the text ?

A.   A.  To describe about Bali

B.   B.  To tell the past holiday in Bali

C.    C. To inform the resorts in bali

D.   D.  To entertain about Bali island


Questions 20 and 21 refer to the following text.

To        : All staff members

From    : Eric Sato, office manager


            I know you will all be pleased to learn that the new photocopy machine has finally arrived. The new machine has more features and performs more functions than the old one. While this will make things more convenient for us in the long run, it can make it more complicated to learn how to operate the machine initially. In addition, we all want to avoid the problem of constant breakdowns that we had with the old machine. Therefore, if you have any problems with the machine, please ask my assistant, Ms. Ono, to help you. Similarly, please do not attempt to remove paper jams, add toner, or refill the paper bin until Ms. Ono has shown you how to do this. Ms. Ono has received training from the manufacturer of the machine and is fully knowledgeable about how to run it and how to troubleshoot it. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the new machine




20.  What is the purpose of the text?

A.    To inform the staff that the old machine is broken.

B.     To tell the staff about the new photocopy machine.

C.     To let the staff know that Ms Ono will receive training.

D.    To explain to the staff how to run a photocopy machine.


21  What should the staff members do if they have difficulties with the machine?

A.    ASpeak to Ms.Ono.

B.   B. Call the manufacturer.

C.   C.   Read the training manual.

D.    D. Ask the office manager for assistance.


22.  “222.  is fully knowledgeable about how ...” (2nd last sentence of the paragraph)

         The underlined word is closest meaning to ....

A. A.  complicated

B.  B.  competent

C. Cinterested

D. D.   pleased

Questions 23-25 refer to the following text.


November 14, 2018

Michelle Price
The Yarn Company
324 Central Ave
Bayberry Heights, Massachusetts 02630


Dear Ms. Price:

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me to discuss selling my handmade sweaters in your wonderful shop.

As I mentioned in our conversation, I’ve been a customer of your store since I used my third-grade allowance to buy my very first pair of knitting needles. I’m honored that you’d consider selling one of my original creations at The Yarn Company alongside your own work.

We discussed a trial consignment arrangement in which a portion of the sales would go to the store. This is more than agreeable to me.

Let me know how you want to proceed. I’m available most afternoons at 555-555-5555, or you can email me at, and I’ll respond to your message ASAP.

I am looking foreward to hearing from you.


Thanks, and best,

Jennifer Wilson




23 What is the purpose of the letter ? It tells about ....

A.    Yarn business

B.     Knitting needles

C.     Handmade sweater

D.    Original creations

24. What will probably Mr. Price do after reading the letter?

A.    Sending email only

B.     Sending email and call

C.     Merely calling

D.    Neither of them

25. I am looking forward to hearing from you. The underlined phrase has the same meaning as ....

A.    Waiting

B.     Answering

C.     Responding

D.    Informing


Questions 26 to 28 refer to the following information.

Along time ago, two boys went hunting with bow and arrows. They saw a blackbird sitting on a tree. They were hungry, so they shot the bird with an arrow and made a fire to cook the bird .

Just at the bird was ready to be eaten, a woman walked out the trees toward them. “ I’m very hungry,” She said to them. The boys took the cooked bird off the fire and gave it to her.

The woman sat down and ate every bit of the meat. When she finished eating, she stood up. “ You boys are very kind to share what you have. I’m going to give you something in return . Come back tomorrow  to this exact spot.”

The next day the boys returned.They looked at the place where the fire had been. On the ground were strange tall plants with crobs covered with soft yellow seed. The boys had never seen anything like it.

Let’s take his home and ask somebody what it is ‘” they said

No one in the village knew what it was. They all tasted and liked it. What should  this delicious present be called ? The boys said, We shall call it Tanchi. “ And that was how Tanchi, or, corn, came to be.

Adopted from : 10 December 2018 )

26. What is the story about ?  

A.    The generous boys

B.     Two  kind hunters

C.     The origin of corn

D.    The grateful woman


27. What lesson can be obtained from the story ?

A.    We should befriend many people.

B.     We should be grateful for what we have.

C.     We will feel peaceful if we can help others.

D.    We will be rewarded if we are kind and generous.

28. The next day the boys returned.They looked at the place where the fire had been. On the ground were strange tall plants with crobs covered with soft yellow seed. The boys had never seen anything like it. The underlined word refers to .....

A.    The fire had been

B.     Strange tall plants

C.     The ground cobs

D.    The cooked bird


Questions 29 and 30 refer to the following text.

Sandiana and Partners Law Firm

is pleased to announce that they have opened their law practice on September 1, 2019 in 4 different cities
New clients are welcome
A law firm for all family matters:

Real estate, estate planning & administration, traffic, personal injury divorce/custody/support, wills/trust, adoption, and home visits
Main Office : Jalan Kebayoran 5 Bandung
Branches : Jalan Angsana Timur 456 Jakarta
              Jalan Agiwiyata 688 Surabaya
        Jalan Surabaya 343 Bogor
A new branch office in Semarang will open next month.


29. What is the text about?

A.    Closing of new law practices

B.     Opening of law practices

C.     Informing about real estate

D.    Telling about some new offices

30.  Real estate, estate planning & administration, traffic, personal injury ... .

       What is the synonym of the underlined word?

A.    Broken

B.     recovery

C.     Wound

D.    Relief



Questions 31 - 33 refer to the following text.

Medical sales representatives (widely referred to as ‘reps’) are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and health- care professionals.


They sell their company’s products, which include medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment, to a variety of customers including GPs and hospital doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. They work strategically to increase the awareness and use of their company’s pharmaceutical and medical products.


Medical sales reps are usually based in a specific geographical location and specialize in a particular product or medical area. They may make presentations and organize group events for healthcare professionals, as well as working with contacts on a one-to-one basis.



31.     What is the text about?

A.       The products of Medical sales representative

B.        The main job of Medical Sales representative

C.        The medical equipment representative

D.       The pharmaceutical products.


32.     What is the goal of the text ?

A.          To tell the opening of medical representative

B.          To tell the history of medical representative .

C.          To describe the task of Medical representative

D.         To describe the history of medical representative


33.     “They may make presentations and organize group events for healthcare professionals,”

         The underlined word is best replaced with....

A.    occasions

B.    reunions

C.    experiences

D.    celebrations

Questions 34 - 36 refer to the following text.

Pirate ringreader admits

to murder

Jambi: Pirate ringleader admited, Wednesday, that his gang had been involved in six robbers and killed two police officers.

Itham Guntur,27, told police investigators that the gang consisted of six people of six people, all former members of ship crews.” Because we are all ex-crew members, we know the major shipping lanes, such as Sunda Strait and the East Jambi coasts very well,” he said.


Itham identified the murdered officers as Brigadier  General Mulyadi from the South Sumatra Police and Brigadier general Kennedy from the Jakarta Police.


The pirates targeted cargo ships, fishing boat and oil tanker. Antara


(Taken from: “ The Jakarta Post,”)


34.     What is the topic of the text?

A.    The pirate ringleader admit to murders

B.     The members of the pirate were muderers

C.     The murders happened in Jambi last Wednesday.

D.    Two police officers had been involved in six robberies


35.  The communicative purpose of the text is ... .

A.    To tell the readers what really happen

B.     To explain sequences of event

C.     To amuse the reades with problematic event

D.    To inform the readers about newsworthy event


36.  The pronoun “he” in the second paragraph refers to ... .

A.    Police officer

B.     Itham Guntur

C.     One of the ship’s crews

D.    Ex-crew member


Questions 37- 39 refer to the following text.

Don’t let all the cautions listed here turn you off the idea of checking your vehicle’s battery. It is easy to check your battery. Just locate it and follow these steps :

  1. Clean off powdery deposits on the positive and negative terminals.

The deposits that form in lovely colors on the top of your terminals are made by battery acid. Before you clean it, remove the cables (negative first) from both terminals by undoing the nut on each cable clamp and wiggling the cable until the clamp comes off the terminal post.

  1. Dry everything with a clean, disposable, lint-free rag. Try to avoid getting the powdery stuff on your hands or clothes. If you do, wash it off with water right away.
  2. Reconnect the terminals to the battery, replacing the positive cable first and the negative cable last.
  3. Examine the battery cables and clamps to see whether they are frayed or corroded.

Check the battery case and the terminals.


37.  What is the main topic of the text?

A.    How to turn your battery off.

B.     A procedure to check a battery.

C.     A description of someone’s battery.

D.    Checking a battery case and terminals.

38.     What will you do if powdery stuff from a battery stains your hands?

A.    Dry your hands.

B.     Replace the battery.

C.     Disconnect the battery.

D.    Wash it off with water.


39.     “Before you clean it, remove the cables …”

The underlined word refers to …

A.    the battery acid

B.     the lovely color

C.     the terminal

D.    the cable


40.     Fill in the incomplete paragraph with suitable words!.

PT Citra Nusantara Media Tbk, or CNM, operates 4 of Indonesia’s 11 free-to-air (FTA) TV stations and has additional core businesses in television content production and delivery. The company  was ... on August 17, 1995, and has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) since August 22, 2004.

A.    founded

B.     abolished

C.     owned

D.    produced


41.     Question 41 refers to the following text.

All staffs who will apply for an annual leave for 2 days or more need to file a leave form which is available in the Personnel Department Office or contact Ms. Erika Suharso for assistance. The form has to be submitted a week before the leave. When it is approved by the unit manager, the paid leave will be applied automatically.


Thank you

Mr. Kardiman Sefyadi

Personnel Manager


We can conclude from the text that the staffs can take their 2-days annual leave after....

42.     Question 42 refers to the following text.

Brave Boy Found Alive

After Two Days at Sea


      Feeling no fear, a five-year-old boy spent two days floating at sea on a mattress in a bid to survive from the effects of the tsunami that killed thousands of people from his town and was reunited with his family on Thursday.

      He cried as he rushed to his parents, older brother and younger sister at a refugee camp in Meulaboh, his hometown of 40,000 people in Aceh that was one of the hardest hit in Sunday’s disaster.

       Wira later calmly recounted to reporters the amazing events that brought him back to his family, a rare tale of happiness in the devastated province on the island of Sumatra that has seen nearly 80,000 people killed by the flooding.

      Nursing only a gash to his left leg, Wira said he was playing with his brother and sister near his home when the waters rushed through.

      According to Antara news agency, Wira said he held on to various floating pieces of wood while being swept away.

      “I was not afraid because I am used to the sea.” Wira said while massaging his wounded leg.

      “As I was still holding to a door, the mattress came by so I decided to climb on it. I was not afraid, but I was cold.”

      Wira said he spent two days out at sea until he was found by fisherman on the look out for bodies off coast of Meulaboh. –AFP


What is the purpose of the text?

43.     Question 43 refers to the following text.

Magic Box

Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer who lived with his wife. One day he dug up his field  and found  a big box. He took it home with him and showed it to his wife. His wife cleaned the box and kept it in their house.


One day, the farmer dropped a gold coin into the box.  At once, apples disappered and the box began to fill itself with coins. Everyday, the farmer and his wife collected hundreds of gold coins from the box. Soon they became rich.


Having heard that his son had gone rich, the farmer’s grandfather visited the couple. He was not very strong and he could not go out to work any more. So, the farmer asked the old man to help him take the money out of the box. When his gradfather told his son that he was tired and wanted to have a rest, the farmer shouted at him ,” Why are you so lazy? Why can’t you work harder?”


The old man did not say anything, and continued to work until he fell into the box and suddenly died. At once, the money disappeared  and the box began to fill up with the dead grandfathers.


The farmer had to pull them out and burry them. To do this, he had to spend all the money he had collected. When he had used up all the money, the box broke and the farmer was just as poor as he was  before.

What is the text about?

44.          Question 44 refers to the following text.

1.      Clear your hands of all debris and jewelry. Take off all rings and other jewelry that maybe covering the surfaces of your hands. If possible, rinse and remove all traces of visible organic matter (such as dirt, food)

2.      Squirt the hand sanitizer into the palm of one hand.

3.      Rub your hands together gently. Be sure to cover the surfaces of both of your hands, including fingers and around your finger tips and nails.

4.      Let your hands dry off. After about 30 seconds of rubbing, your skin should have absorbed the sanitizer. If your hands are still a little wet, face your palms downward and let them dry in the air until they are no longer wet.


What should we do if your hands are still wet?

45.          Question 45 refers to the following text.

Last holiday, my class made a trip to Sarangan. We rented a bus to take us there. One day, I felt the urgent need to use the bus toilet.


I was sure that I had locked the door by turning the handle, but as soon as I slipped my pants, the bus hit a bump and then the door flew open. I stumbled out into the aisle, exposing my self to all the bus passengers. Everyone stared at me. I scrambled back into the toilet and didn’t come out for a long time. I was so embarrassed.


What a trip to remember!


What is the purpose of the text?



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