Agreement and Disagreement

A. Agreement (Setuju): 

  1. I agree with you. 
  2. I agree with you 100 percent.
  3. I think so. 
  4. I couldn't agree more.
  5. I couldn't agree with you more. 
  6. That's true. 
  7. That's so true. 
  8. That's for sure. 
  9. Tell me about it. 
  10. You're absolutely right. 
  11. Absolutely. 
  12. That's exactly how I feel. 
  13. Exactly.
  14. I'm afraid I agree with James this time. 
  15. I have to side with you on this one. 
  16. No doubt about it. 
  17. I suppose so. 
  18. I guess so. 
  19. You have a point there. 
  20. I was just going to say that. 
  21. I'm in line with you. 
  22. I will say that. 
  23. I feel the same way about ...
  24. Fair enough
  25. We are of one mind on...
  26. We are of the same mind on...
  27. You've made a good point.
  28. That's a really good point. 
  29. No doubt about it. 
  30. Yes, of course.
  31. I believe so.
B. Disagreement (Tidak Setuju)
  1. I don't think so. 
  2. No way! 
  3. I don't agree with you. 
  4. I disagree. 
  5. I'm afraid disagree. 
  6. I totally disagree. 
  7. I beg to differ. 
  8. I'd say the exact opposite. 
  9. Not necessarily. 
  10. That's not always true. 
  11. That's not always the case. 
  12. No, I'm not sure about that. 
  13. I think you're wrong. 
  14. I have to disagree for this matter. 
  15. It's just not right. 
  16. I think that's just plainly wrong. 
  17. That's incorrectly stated. 
  18. I wouldn't side with you this time. 
  19. I'm afraid it's wrong this time. 
  20. That's not what I think. 
  21. I couldn't agree with you less. 
  22. I'm not sure. 
  23. Probably not. 
  24. I don't think you're right. 
  25. I think otherwise. 
  26. That doesn't make such sense to me. 
  27. I don't share your view.


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