Daily Exam of English

The following dialog is for questions 1 to 5
Clerk : Good morning. What can I do for you?
Arya :Good morning.Yes,please.I’d like to change Rupiah for Thai Baht,please. Could you tell me what the exchange rate is?
Clerk : Ok.Let me check.Umm...1 Baht equals to 393.3 Rupiah.
Arya : I see.
Cler k:So,how much would you like to change?
Arya :I’d like to change 2 million Rupiah,please.
Clerk :O.K. Here’s the money.
Arya : Thank you.
Clerk :You’re welcome.
1. Where do you think the dialog takes place?
        Answer: Money changer. Pembahasan: kata kunci change rupiah for thai Baht menandakan kegiatan penukaran mata uang. Kegiatan ini umumnya terjadi di money changer alias tempat penukaran mata uang. 
2. What is Arya doing?
        Answer: Arya is changing his Rupiah for Thai Baht. Apa yang sedang Arya lakukan di tempat itu? Arya sedang menukar mata uang Rupiah dengan mata uang Baht, Thailand. 
3. According to the dialog,how many Rupiah should you change for 1000 Baht?
        Answer: Rp 393.300, 00. Diperoleh dari 393.3 X 1000
4. In your opinion,why does Arya look for Baht?
        Answer: He travells to Thailand. Arya menukar Rupiah dengan Baht karena bepergian ke Thailand.
5. Based on the dialog above, write a sentence that shows an expression of “giving offer”!
        Answer: What can I do for you. Kalimat tersebut menunjukkan memberi tawaran (offer). 
The following text is for questions 6 to 10 
Andy Herawan           August 24, 2018
Jl.Merak no. 9

Personnel Manager
PT Mulia Jaya
Grand Tower,JL. Merdeka no.6

Dear Sir,Madam
I wish to apply for the position of engineer,advertised on your website.As requested,I enclose my resume and references.

I graduated from Civil Engineering at National University in 2017. I have experience in handling projects with tight schedules,under pressure work and team work.I am proficient in using MS Office and Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) and have excellent English,both written and spoken.I would be able to impart my skills and gain additional knowledge for professional growth with your company.

I would appreciate for an opportunity to have an interview.I can be reached at 087555566662 any time.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Andy Herawan

6. What is the purpose of the text?
    Answer: to apply for the position of engineer position. Teks di atas adalah surat lamaran kerja, tujuannya adalah untuk melamar jabatan engineer. 
7. What is paragraph three about?
   Answer: waiting for call of an interview process. Inti dari paragrap 3 adalah harapan pelamar untuk mendapat panggilan wawancara (interview). 
8. “I would be able to impart my skills...”.What is the synonym of “impart”?
   Answer: show. impart di sini maknanya adalah menunjukkan, jadi synonymnya adalah show
9. For whom the letter addressed for?
   Answer: Personnal Manager PT Mulia Jaya. 
10. Who is the writer of the letter?
   Answer: Andy Herawan. Penulis surat lamaran kerja tersebut adalah Andy Herawan. 

Change the sentences into passive voice! 
11. I am writing an offering letter.
        Answer: An offering letter is being written by me.
12. Yuda received a scholarship from Sebelas Maret University.
        Answer: A scholarship was received by Yuda from Sebelas Maret University.
13. An international company will open recruitment for SMK graduation.
        Answer: Recruitment will be opened by an international company for SMK graduation.
14. The publisher has published several novels.
        Answer: Several novels have been published by the publisher.
15. Smart English Course offers 20% discount for students.
        Answer: 20% discount is offered by Smart English Course for students.
16. I read an advertisement yesterday.
       Answer: An advertisement was read by me yesterday.
Translate the sentence into English language!
17. Anita sedang nonton tv tadi malam.
        Answer: Anita was watching a tv last night.
18. Jam berapa Anita biasanya nonton TV?
        Answer: What time does Anita usually watch TV? 

The following dialog is for questions 1 to 5
Ranti: So,when are you going to go to Bangkok?
Arya:Next Saturday.I will be boarding a morning flight so that I have plenty of time to take in a city tour.
Ranti:May I take you to the airport?
Arya:No,thanks.I’ll hire a taxi.Besides,you have an appointment on Saturday morning,don’t you?
Ranti:OK.By the way,will you take a camera?
Arya:I’d love to but I don’t have a camera.So, I think I’ll use my mobile phone to take pictures.
Ranti:No,it’s better if you use a camera.Don’t worry.You can use my camera.
Arya:Don’t bother.
Ranti:No,it’s ok.I’ll deliver the camera next Friday morning.
Arya:All right,if you insist.Thanks.
1.        When will Arya go to Bangkok? 
        Answer: Next Saturday
2.        Why does he choose a morning flight?
        Answer: For have plenty of time to take in a city tour. 
3.        What does Ranti offer?
        Answer: Ranti offers Arya her camera. 
4.        Arya says,”No,thanks.I’ll hire a taxi.”What does it mean?
        Answer: Arya declines Ranti's help.
5.        Why does Ranti go to Arya’s house next Friday morning?
        Answer: to lend her camera.
The following text is for questions 6 to 10
Aris Nugroho                   August 24, 2018
Jl.Merak no. 8

Personnel Manager
PT Prima Sentosa

Dear Sir,Madam
I wish to apply for the position of Management Trainee,advertised on your website.As requested,I enclose my resume and references.
Currently I’m studying Managent at Politama and will graduate on December 15,2018.I have internship experience which is relevant to the post of Management Trainee,including marketing and strategic management.Through my internship,I improved my communication and leadership skills and supervise subordinates effectively and work in a team environment.I am able to operate a computer and fluent in spoken and written English.
I am available for interview anytime.I can be reached at 087555 any time.  
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Aris Nugroho
6.        What is the purpose of the text?
        Answer: to aply for the postion of Management Trainee. 
7.        What position is offered by the company?
        Answer: Management Trainee. 
8.        When will the applicant graduate?
        Answer: December 15, 2018. 
9.        For whom the letter is wriiten?
       Answer: Personnel Manager PT Prima Sentosa. 
10.    Who is the sender of the letter?
       Answer: Aris Nugroho. 
Change the sentences into passive voice!
11.    The scientist observes the elephants.
       Answer: the elephants are observed by the scientists
12.    The marketing team will sell the product at the market.
       Answer: the product will be sold by the marketing team at the market
13.    The supervisor was training the new employees.
       Answer: the new employees were being trained by the supervisor
14.    We are finishing English test.
       Answer: English test is being finished by us
15.    I had finished my homework.
       Answer: My homework had been finished by me
16.    I bought a new bicycle last week.
      Answer: A new bicycle was bought by me last week
Translate the sentences into English language!
17.    Steven memanggil kamu kemarin.
      Answer: Steven called you yesterday
18. Dimana Steven memanggilmu kemarin? 
     Answer: Where did Steven call you yesterday? 


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